Mortgage Financing

The 3 Steps of the Divorce Lending Process

Step 1 – Consulting

We will analyze and assess the role your mortgage plays in your divorce settlement strategy as well as offer creative solutions on how to get approved. We educate you so that you can make an informed decision on which path is best for you!

Here are some questions
to think about

• Do I qualify to refinance the mortgage on the family home?
• Does my spouse qualify to refinance and remove my name from the loan?
• Can I take cash out of my home during the divorce for buyout funds, legal fees, etc.?

Step 2 – Discussing

After gathering all the necessary information needed for this process, you can also rest easy knowing that you can have a painless mortgage process once you’re ready to apply. With the proper planning, we will help make sure that the divorce is being structured with a favorable result. Coordinating with all of you your divorce team is essential, you attorney is in the lead, but you need professional financial advice to make the right decisions for you and your family.

Step 3 – Finalizing

After consulting and discussing about how we can help you accomplish your goals regarding mortgage financing even with a divorce, we can help put your financial life back on track, so you can qualify for a new mortgage in the very near future.

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