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for this website is to inform you of much of what can happen with your real estate in a California Divorce.  We have some answers to your potential questions, and we realize these articles may raise additional questions.  Please feel free to use the contact me tab to ask additional questions.  If we know the answer, we may respond to you directly or by adding your question to this page for someone else.  If we don’t know the answer, we will be glad to refer you to someone who does. We are mortgage and real estate professional with decades of experience, but we are not attorneys nor are qualified to give you specific tax advice.  We literally know hundreds of professionals that can assist you in whatever niche of divorce you need education.

Gray Divorce

In the late 1980s, California voters approved two propositions that give homeowners 55 and older a property tax break when they sell their primary residence and buy a replacement one that costs the same or less. It was intended to help empty nesters downsize without facing a property tax increase. Propositions 60 and 90 permit people over age 55 to… Keep reading

Want Cash Out?

There are many cases in a divorce situation where most your assets are tied up in real estate.  There may be other assets, but those are usually negated by liabilities. To ensure there is a complete separation of the couple’s financials, the house needs to be addressed up front. To make a clean break from the marriage, you can either… keep reading

Your Credit

As soon as you know that you are possibly getting a divorce, you should pull your individual credit report. “Check your credit a few months after the divorce to be sure it is accurate,” Teresa Mattos, a California Bar certified family practice attorney in Irvine, CA recommends. Too see where your credit currently stands, you can view your free credit report summary at… keep reading

5 Hidden Costs

In all the years I’ve been working with divorcing people, I have never met a single person who wasn’t concerned about money.  One of the first questions most people ask once they realize they’re headed for divorce is: “OMG! How much is this going to cost?!” That’s not surprising… Keep reading

Who Owns What?

In California, it should be simple to determine whether an asset is community property, but in some cases, it’s not. If your husband buys a house during the marriage, half of it usually belongs to you. If he bought it before the marriage, however, whether you have an ownership interest depends on many factors… keep reading


Many people give up ownership of a property in a divorce settlement but neglect to ensure that the mortgage is paid off to remove you from liability. Having the mortgage showing on your credit report can make it difficult to buy another house, and if the person who has ownership doesn’t make the payments as agreed…
keep reading


When most people think of divorce, they think of the courtroom and the high expenses that will occur with all the legal fees.  While that does happen some of the times, especially with high profile clients, people with a lot of assets, and those that will go to any expense to damage their ex. There are other options… KEEP READING

Buying Seperately

When you are separated from your spouse, legally or not, you are still technically married. This matters in California since it is a community property state. Legal separation generally occurs after the divorce papers are filed, but before the divorce is finalized. It’s possible to obtain a mortgage when you are separated if … KEEP READING


Divorce attorneys are best suited for structuring Child and Spousal support correctly, usually the last thing on their mind is to make it possible for you to buy a house. Lenders use qualifying income, which is often, vastly different from your taxable income. To maximize your qualifying income, you should… KEEP READING

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